Why Pentalog

Putting Pentaguys 1st

We are over 1,000 strong – but only as strong as our next team member. That’s why we keep our employees at the forefront of what we do.

By fostering a climate of transparency, diversity, trust and respect, we are able to strive towards the fulfilled potential of each Pentaguy – everyday, in our offices.

Did you know that 6% of Pentaguys are investors/owners in the company?

Level Up

Our industry evolves at lightning speed. Once revered technologies are becoming obsolete in the time it takes a cup of coffee to get cold. Keeping up with the ever growing, ever changing nature of the digital world requires diligence. And investment.

While a career can be the light at the end of an academic tunnel, it doesn’t have to signal the end of your life as a learner. At Pentalog, we are all forever students.

We make it our mission to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in tech, leaving no woman or man left behind. Putting in practice what it truly means to be an agile company.

Fostering continuous learning through tech events

By regularly hosting PentaBars, Learn & Lunch’s, Meetups & other frequent trainings, we aim to promote a culture of continuous learning for all employees.

Founded in 2003, our dedicated training department – PEP (Pentalog Evolution Program), ensures that all Pentaguys have access to the right training to take their career to the next level.

Partnering up with universities

We have a long history of collaborating with academic institutions through internship programs and other tech events dedicated to the youth. Our mission is to continue to establish fruitful, meaningful relationships with local universities, businesses and individuals alike within our communities.

Pentalog Guadalajara – Why join our team?

Guadalajara’s technological rebirth is hardly breaking news. In fact, it’s been simmering for decades, now.

Situated just 2 hours away from San Francisco and just 1 hour behind NYC (timewise), numerous startups and multi-million dollar companies, local and foreign alike have chosen to set up offices and delivery centers in Mexico’s own Silicon Valley.

Churning out thousands of STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering & Mathematics) graduates a year, Guadalajara is perfectly poised to offer its young, dynamic (and bilingual) talent more than its fair of opportunities to sharpen their recently acquired academic knives in a mature ecosystem.

Here is how being a Pentaguy looks like! By getting onboard you will:

  • Build up your skills to future-proof your career in a stable, yet constantly growing company
  • Work on the latest technologies in an Agile environment
  • Get supported and rewarded for your performance
  • Benefit from international career opportunities
  • Take part in interesting and diverse projects that will challenge both your hard and soft skills
  • Gain access to our employee welfare package
  • Have a flexible working program
  • Enjoy team spirit & fun as nowhere else

Do you want to thrive in a dynamic, international work environment?
Do you enjoy taking on new challenging projects and learning about new technologies?